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An unmatched commitment to ethics, integrity, and excellence in the law.

Judge Anne Lazarus is standing for retention this year. She has been honored to serve the citizens of Pennsylvania over the last 10 years as a Superior Court judge. While her main office is in Philadelphia, she has sat in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and several other counties over the last 10 years. The Pennsylvania Superior Court is the busiest intermediate appellate court in the country. For many cases, the Superior Court is the final say, since the Supreme Court is not obligated to review most cases that are filed.

Judge Lazarus never forgets that the cases that she reviews are of the utmost importance to the litigants who appear before her; she always remembers that the citizens of Pennsylvania voted for her and they are to whom she is accountable.

With over 28 years of experience as a trial and appellate judge, Judge Lazarus has seen Pennsylvanians during some of the most difficult times of their lives and understands how an effective and efficient judicial system can make a difference for so many.

She has dedicated her career to upholding the highest standards for our courts as Chair of the Judicial Conduct Board and as Chair of the ad hoc committee that rewrote the Canons of Judicial Conduct.

In addition to her work on the bench, Judge Lazarus has been honored for her work to encourage pro bono representation to ensure that everyone has equal access to our judicial system. She knows the importance of giving back, which is why she teaches high school and law school classes, mentors young lawyers, and gives her free time to community service.

Judge Anne Lazarus “is regarded as a person of the highest integrity and has demonstrated that she is a gifted and thoughtful legal scholar.”
- PA Bar Association

What's at Stake

Chances are that you or someone you care about will have to navigate Pennsylvania’s legal system at one point in their lives – and everyone deserves a fair and respected judge like Judge Anne Lazarus to hear their case.

About Judge Lazarus

Over the last almost 30 years as both a trial and appellate judge, Anne E. Lazarus has become a widely respected leader in the legal community. She was elected to the Superior Court in 2009, the only Democrat to win a statewide election. Since then she has authored over 3,000 memoranda and opinions and has presided over Superior Court Sessions across Pennsylvania.

She is considered a leading voice for judicial ethics; she served as Chair of the State Conference of Trial Judges' Ethics Committee for six years, was a member and Chair of the Judicial Conduct Board, and was appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to chair a committee charged with reviewing and rewriting the Canons of Judicial Conduct.

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